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Refurbished iPods, used iPod trade-ins, repair manuals

Just Like Ike:

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Other iPod Types

Condition Ratings
iPod condition = 5 stars
Refurbished, fully functional, looks like new.
iPod condition = 4 stars
Refurbished, fully functional, minor scuff marks.
iPod condition = 3 stars
Refurbished, fully functional, well worn.
iPod condition = 2 stars
As-is, non-working but partly responsive.
iPod condition = 1 star
As-is, dead, does not turn on.

Refurbished iPods

I am sorry; currently the online store for iPods is not available. Please contact (203) 349-5507 if you would like to make an iPod purchase.

Used, Refurbished, or Broken iPod? Here are your options:

Find out what's wrong with my iPod: iPod Answers forum and database
Buy parts to fix my iPod
Send my iPod in for repair

Refurbished iPods, Repair, and more!

At iTronics Repair, our goal is to help with all of your iPod needs! Whether you're looking to buy a refurbished ipod, or repair a broken one, we can help you. Want to trade in your old iPod for a new iPod? Just fill our our trade in form and we'll hook you up with an offer for your old iPod! Not only do we offer great gently used and refurbished iPods, we'll also offer you money back for trading in your old or broken iPod when you purchase a refurbished iPod (or iPad) from our used and refurbished iPod store.

We make it our goal to sell quality refurbished iPods and iPods for the cheapest price anywhere - online or in stores. If you're looking for a cheap iPod touch or a fully loaded 32gb iPod touch that can handle all of your music, we have what you need.

If a wi-fi wireless iPod touch is over the top for you, why not check out our nano iPods, perfect for exercise, portability, or just their own style of coolness. P.s., these make perfect birthday, Valentine's day, or Christmas gifts!

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